Thursday, July 14, 2011

CSA Week 6

Since it has come to my attention that someone other than Peter and Jen is reading this (Hi Gigi!!) I am going to ignore the fact that I stood in one spot for 14 hours today with only 2 quick pee breaks and update on last week's pick up.

Eggplant, red cabbage, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, patty pan squash, a crapload of cucumbers and carrots.

The day of this pick up, Peter suggested I take Lil G out so that he could do some much needed straightening around the house. I am not really one to suggest otherwise when someone else is offering to clean, so we hightailed it out on a Mommy and Me adventure. We hit the Indian Market, the super big branch of the library, and my mecca - Joann's. We also stopped for lunch at my most favorite fast food establishment, Chik-fil-a. One of the side effects of only rarely eating fast food, is that when you do indulge, it kind of sits in your stomach like a rock for a day. Even after a nice visit with my parents after we got our veggies, I still wasn't really hungry, so it became a fend for yourself evening.

I have no clue what Peter ate (probably cereal), but I made myself a hummus and cucumber sandwich and ate it with a handful of peas and nice thick slices of tomato. Light, delicious and just what my spicy chicken filled tummy could handle. 

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  1. My apologies for not telling you Emma but I have been a voyeur. I love your blog, Didn't know if it was cool for a Mother-in-law to show her face on it.

    Love to hear about everything! Now Bob and Anna will be reading it as well since I sent them your site. See you tomorrow!