Thursday, July 7, 2011

CSA Week 5

Yes, I realize that today was the pick up for week 6. I never was a) a prolific writer or b) good with deadlines.

So, last week here's what we got at our pick up

It's huge, right? I actually asked Lisa if the signs meant we got one head of lettuce or one head of each kind because holy crap that is a lot of produce. Luckily she confirmed, it was one head of each type. Plus a monster bunch of swiss chard, eggplant, sugar snap peas, carrots, potatoes, beets, summer squash and dill.
This is perhaps a perfect opportunity to mention the costs associated with the CSA. Previously, North Star had offered two different size shares, but this year they simplified things and just made every share the same size and cost. The share cost 500 dollars for 22 weeks of veggies. That works out to just under 23 dollars a week. Now look at that pile above and realize that this farm grows using organic practices, although they are not certified as organic. Anyone want to venture a guess as to what that would have cost at a regular grocery store? Actually, that might be a fun thing for me to do one week.
Peter also pointed out that I have neglected to talk about our cheese CSA. This is merely a consequence of it being a million and five degrees outside and things like cheese going into the refrigerator the second I walk in the door and therefore not being photographed in the moment. We did get a pick up in week 3 and 5.
Week 3
2 weeks out from pick up, so quite a bit has been enjoyed, but here is Citrus Sunrise fresh cheese (my favorite, it tasted like a danish and was amazing on toasted baked goods like blueberry bread), fresh cheese with peppercorn, and a block of colby.

Week 5

A block of garlic and chive chedder and a wedge of Westbrook, which I don't think is a "real" cheese name (at least google doesn't seem to think it is). It's pretty mild, but has a tangy aftertaste, kind of like a not sharp provolone.

Ok there's week 5, will it take me a week to get up week 6?

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