Thursday, June 9, 2011

We'd probably eat better if we spent more time at home

Yeah, so this week was not so great for the home cooked meal thing, although the only stuff I still have from last week's CSA is some arugula (we used some on our sandwiches) and the bunch of scallions, which haven't gone bad, so no guilt that they haven't been eaten yet.
Tuesday I worked the early shift, which means I get home by 4 and have time to create a delicious meal like this one

Greek salad, chicken with white wine & lemon thyme sauce, roasted kohlrabi and braised kale in rice
 I seared boneless skinless chicken breasts in olive oil and butter, then removed the chicken and deglazed the pan with white wine, added a few sprigs of lemon thyme (probably my favorite herb) and some milk and put the chicken back in to simmer until it was cooked through.
For the rice, I sauted a couple of cloves of garlic in olive oil, then added chicken broth and the kale covered, and let it cook for ~10 minutes then added a cup of basmati rice and simmered until the rice was done. This was my favorite dish of the night, so much better than plain rice and a more exciting way of cooking greens than my usual saute with garlic until wilted. Plus, I think the longer cooking time helped the flavor because kale can be really bitter.
I love roasting vegetables, but HATE turning on the oven when it's a million and a half degrees (spring? what spring?). Enter the love of my life, if I had a thing for kitchen appliances - the toaster oven. Seriously, I got it for Peter for Christmas and I think we've used it every single day since then. It's big enough for my 11 cup Pyrex baking dish and I used that to roast both of the kohlrabi from last week. I use the same basic method for roasting almost any vegetable. Cut, toss with olive oil, salt and pepper and into the oven @ 400 until done, stirring half way through. Simple and absolutely delicious.
Speaking of my 11 cup Pyrex baking dish - if I had a thing for baking dishes this would be the love of my life. I have 3 or 4 of them, and they are seriously the greatest thing ever. It won't last much longer, because the baby's portion is quickly approaching real person size, but for right now it is the perfect size to make a dinner in for the three of us. I can split a regular recipe, like for lasagna, into two of these babies, pop the lid on one and throw it in the freezer, and bam! Two dinners for the amount of work of one. Love it, and the fact that they fit perfectly into the toaster oven.

CSA pickup is again today. This is a no cheese week, but we're expecting garlic scapes, broccoli, lettuce, bok choy, scallions, kohlrabi, and hopefully carrots and peas.

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