Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CSA Week 3

Yeah, I'm late updating again. Get used to it, I kind of suck.
Onto this week's pick up ...

We're getting out of the spring greens and into the good stuff. A huge head of green leaf lettuce, more shelling peas, kohlrabi, beets, dill, a cucumber, new potatoes and tomatoes!!

We went a little crazy after our pick up on Thursday. We needed to go to Home Depot for the supplies to finally replace our mailbox which hasn't stood up straight for 2 years. Naturally, it's impossible for the  two of us to go to Home Depot and only get what we came for. 

I don't know what the occasion was for the sale (Father's day, I guess) but patio furniture was on sale, and I've been wanting to replace our hand me down table so ...

We did!

A close up

Since we had people coming over for dinner on Friday, we just had to put it together when we got home, so dinner was just a little bit late.

Still yummy though
Here we have pan fried pork chops, peas with butter and herbs, shredded beet salad, and the remainder of last weeks butter crunch lettuce. 

Finally, I just need to show off how stinkin' cute our little helper is

That would be Chuck the Truck hauling some freshly shelled peas around the island. That little girl gives me more joy than I can describe.


  1. You forgot the "du jeez" we got at the CSA!

  2. That video is just precious! I love how you can interrupt a child's train of thought, demand for them to count to ten, and they just do it, without argument. "Count to 10." "Say buh-bye." "Go fetch me a Starbucks, young one."