Sunday, June 12, 2011

CSA Week 2

How did it get to be Sunday (and hell, by the time this publishes, it may well be Monday) already? Sometimes I think I've got a pretty good schedule and then once again it's my weekend to work and three days disappear in a blink. 
Anyhow, we picked up our veggies as schedule on Thursday, then promptly drove to my sister's house to watch the cutest little niece for the night. Julia is a nurse who works the night shift, and my brother in law had a very early come to it, or don't bother coming in Monday type meeting in North Jersey on Friday, so we took on the arduous task of snuggling Miss Molly. Makes me want another little one (hmm, we can see if Peter is really reading this thing)
Lucky for us, Nick loves to cook and had dinner waiting for us when we got to their house, so we just smooshed our veggies into their refrigerator for the night. 
Here's our haul from week #2

This week's pick up was a prime example of the differences between Peter and myself. The oddball table (things that they don't have enough to give everyone some, so you get to choose which you want) had the choice of cucumbers, beets, and garlic scapes. We each thought the choice was obvious, but had differing thoughts as to which was that obvious choice. As you can see from the picture above, I won. 
Seriously, I love beets, but garlic scapes are available for one week out of the CSA season. We'll be getting plenty of beets, even if the ones in our garden never take off.  

A scape
So what are these rare things? The scape is the flower head that the garlic bulb send up. However, if you let garlic go to flower, the bulb concentrates on becoming a flower instead of becoming a bulb. Maybe that's a good thing for the garlic, but not so much for the farmer hoping to harvest some garlic this summer. To get that bulb back to work making us garlic, the farmer cuts the scape just when it starts to curl and then the lucky CSA members get to eat them. They have a mild garlic flavor, and I'm planning on making pesto out of them this year.

Moving on, we also got:

Shelling peas
Bok choy

plus some repeats of last week - broccoli, butter crunch lettuce, swiss chard and scallions.

I do actually have two more meals worth of posts to write, but it's almost tomorrow and I'm sleepy. Big food post coming.

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  1. Oh I read it. I'm just surprised it took three days for you to bring it up!