Friday, February 15, 2013

More hops!

As I mentioned previously, Peter and I have been brewing beer for just about a year now. We've had some failures, but made a lot more drinkable beer than we thought we would. It's a great hobby, especially because it brings with it a great community. Overall, homebrewers tend to be pretty cool people, and very supportive of each other, expert or beginner.

To that end, let's get some support out there for a new corner of the homebrewing universe (yeah, now I create universes). Peter's way more active on Twitter than I am (if you follow him, you know what I mean) and he's been following @fermentedtees for awhile. Recently, they announced that their new  website was just about ready to go live, and would anyone like to review one of their shirts. You know I was all over that!

Although they don't have a ton of designs to choose from, it still took me a while to decide. I do like the simple announcement of the homebrewer shirt.

An easy way to warn people that if they start talking to you about beer, they're going to be stuck for awhile, and probably going home with a six-pack (please tell me my husband isn't the only one that does that to unsuspecting water testers and HVAC guys)

In the end, I settled on Add More Hops. Good advice and a "cuter" shirt, IMO. Hey, I may make beer, but I'm still a girl, cute wins me over.
Ignore the red polka dot on my middle, my shirt was a victim of Valentine's Day red velvet cupcake making

Fermented tees shirts are screen printed on 100% cotton ultra Glidan t-shirts, and they are a really nice quality. The shirts are a nice thick fabric, which I've already washed a couple of times without any shrinking or pilling. I do wish they offered "women's" shirts, because the cut tends to be more flattering than men's, but I'm just going to hem some length off this shirt so I can stop folding the bottom off my hips.

Since I received my shirt, Fermented Tees has gone live, so head over there and check out the shirts they have for your favorite homebrewer. Don't see anything you like? They accept designs and ideas for designs, so put your creative mind to work!

What do you think? Are you dying for that retro "Yes, dear" shirt? Got a great new idea to send to Brian? Haven't gotten bitten by the homebrew bug yet?

Disclaimer: I received a t-shirt from FermentedTees free for review, the opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Hey, at least the HVAC guy specifically asked me about brewing beer before I launched into my "easy to make hard to make well" spiel. ;)